Who & What Are We?

Ads Infinitum is a Virtual Communications Consultancy.

That means we're able to offer the full range of services that you'd ordinarily expect of a conventional advertising agency.

But, instead of operating from expensive offices, instead of employing largely non-productive full-time staff, we operate as a web-based network.

So most of our work is created by freelance specialists based in remote offices, specialists who then rapidly traffic it over the Internet until the project is finished, checked and delivered.


Tough Quality Controls:

The quality of our work is as good as (if not better than) a conventional agency's. We use experienced graduate professionals who have all worked for big agencies on international blue-chip accounts. But we run a tighter ship; Ads Infinitum has a reputation to earn. As a consequence, our internal controls are very strict and clients can expect nothing less than perfect work.